Friday, November 8, 2013

New Fabric in Town

The other day on my bike I rode down a street I hadn't for a while and where used to be an organic store, was now a cute little fabric store!

Actually not really brand-new, as it had already opened in March. But just in time for me. But what was the name of the store, probably not "Bakery" or "Confectionery"? Only inside I found out the name of the shop, also sweet as cake:

"Seligkeitsding" - it is a German fantasy word and could be translated as "Bliss Thing". Beautiful fabric for the blissed-out seamstress galore, special and unconventional, like fabrics by "Hamburger Liebe".

Carolina felt right at home and explored behind the counter.

The best things come in threes - 
now there are three great fabric stores in Oldenburg.

PS: If you don't live around here, Seligkeitsding has a dawanda shop here.

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Kerstin said...

Nein, sowas! Das ist ja eine Überraschung :) da schaue ich jetzt mal öfter bei dir vorbei! Liebe Grüße und bis zum Babyyoga-Kurs! Kerstin