Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year in Pink and Purple

This year has brought an interesting colour shift to my knitting and my consciousness. Having been a pink lover since my first pregnancy four years ago, I see a lot of purple happening in my life since October.

It started with the adult surprise jacket for my mama in April and I was still far away from liking the colours. But my mothers wears purple all the time and it seemed like a trend for the past two years.

But then I discovered the wonderful Schoppel Zauberballs and knit this and this and this. I could not get enough of the colour and had a Noro Kureyon experiment. And the beat goes on...

Being a kundalini yoga teacher (see the colour?) I checked the colour meaning. Pink has a lot to do with the heart chakra, universal love, loving one-self, service and the awakening to spiritual awareness. Purple is the colour of the crown chakra, the connection to the highest self, enlightenment, unity and elevation. Sounds good to me! I am very much looking forward to 2011 and the chances it will bring, 365 new days of knitting and crafting!

Love & Light! Happy 2011 everyone!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wenn Prinzessinnen stricken

Kleine Mädchen, Hello Kitty und Prinzessin Lillifee - eine nicht besonders pädagogisch wertvolle Kombination, aber wenn es ums Stricken geht, mache ich gerne mal eine Ausnahme.

In der Dezember / Januar Ausgabe dieses fragwürdigen Magazins fand sich eine Bildergeschichte, in der diese kleine rosa Person für den Geburtstag des Einhorns selber zu Nadeln und Wolle griff.

Es spielen sich Szenen ab, die jeder Strickfee bekannt sein sollten.

Erinnert das irgendjemanden an Weihnachten?

"Gute Freunde sind wichtiger als Geschenke" - doch ganz pädagogisch, oder?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Modelling Russian Style

Introducing... my adorable mama!


As she is just visiting our house for the holidays, I needed pics for my Citrons and my mother is a natural born Russian fashionista and good fun, this was a very good idea.

The Plum Citron was the first attempt, knitted with my very first Schoppel Zauberball, sockwool in blackberry. After this I was hooked and got some Lace Zauberball, colour charisma. It took me a long, long time to knit the 800 metres - the whole of November.

The Lace Citron is delicate, elegant and yet warming and my mama likes it - her christmas present.

Celebrating - One Year of Knitting

It has been exactly one year now - since I took up knitting ... and never put it down again.

New Year`s Eve 2009

Truly, it has become a lifestyle, my lifestyle. Looking at my Ravelry projects - there are over 50 finished objects (not looking at the UFOs...), that makes a FO every week of the year. And other creative endeavours have followed - sewing, crochet and who would have thought, I started embroidery a couple of days ago. And my mother just mentioned an unused spinning wheel somewhere in her house...

I found out how little sleep you need if you are totally immersed in a new knitting project around midnight, see and navigate the city in terms of yarn shops and fabric stores now and met a lot of wonderful crafty and creative people this year - in real and in virtual life. My christmas presents have never been better!

these days

And what is the best way to celebrate the anniversary - going to my favourite night of the week - Knit Night!