Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Yoga Stencils

If you come to my Friday night prenatal yoga classes, you know this little pink machine here. As it is only a limited circle of people you does, I'll tell you, this is the CD-player Clara is so generous to lend me for Friday nights. The yoga center where I teach is very beautiful (you can see some photos here) and tranquil place, so I need to bring my own little music maker to shake things up a bit.

The CD-player usually gets wrapped in the first bag I can somehow grab when I leave the house. So what about some yoga style, I thought and remembered those stencils here hibernating in my studio.

For this quick project I got a tote bag from the supermarket for 59 cents (probably produced under very bad conditions in a third world country, so if you can sew your own tote, go ahead) and used textile markers (use textile colours, if you prefer).

A couple of minutes later:

The music machine travels in yoga style from now on.

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