Tuesday, November 26, 2013


A new magazine at the news stand caught my attention last week - Flow magazine, the first German edition, saying: "the magazine for women, who want to see life a different way" (ahem). The magazine started in the Netherlands five years ago and also has an English edition since 2012. Now it was time for the German marget, target group women aged 30-45 (ahem).

It is a magazine for paper lovers - up to last week I didn't know I was one... (ahem), the magazine is printed on different kinds of paper and comes with free paper goodies, e.g. this time: wrapping paper, gift tags and a specially designed notebook by artist Natascha Boels (who is also featured in the magazine).

Other main topics are positive psychology, creativity and the ever-popular mindfulness (see also the last magazine I bought here), the different sections are titled: "feel connected", "live mindfully", "spoil yourself" and "simplify for life".

I found an article about granny-square-mania all around the globe ...

... and another inspiring article about 365-day-projects 
to boost your creativity. 

You can also learn how to make your own stamps, 
glimpse into the lives of creative women,
read about the 5 favourite books of a bookseller 
or just look at clouds to practice awareness.

I will watch out for more.

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Kerstin said...

Oh ja, das ist toll - habs auch hier liegen!