Friday, November 29, 2013

Carolina sleeps

For her second birthday I gave my lovely Carolina a birthday present she couldn't care even less about than last year's lovingly handmade (here). It is just for my pleasure. Her own blog. No, not really a blog. A 365-day-project. Inspired by what I had read in Flow magazine, I felt the creative desire to start one, too. But it had to be simple and not tot far to seek. The magazine gave a whole long list of 116 project ideas.

Evaluating my time and possibilities, I wouldn't be able to crochet a granny square (like here) or make a stamp a day (like here). As a yoga teacher, I very much liked the 365-grateful-project (here), but that has been done better before. As a mother, a quick photo project that could be easily fitted into the everyday still appealed to me and an idea, that rang a bell inside me, was:

* a daily photo of your sleeping child *

I can do that. Carolina still takes her afternoon naps. And this will be probably the last year of her taking them. But I also had my doubts - do I want to expose her sweet slumber in the name of creativity? It can be done gently, I hope. Just a daily photo after she has fallen asleep, no staging (that has been done magnificently here), but still enough space to explore the project in a number of ways, in 365 days. This project is mainly for me and the blog helps to stay motivated.

If you want to take a careful glimpse, head over to

And now, hush, Carolina is sleeping...

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