Sunday, July 1, 2012

What I Wore/Carried to Mama K.'s Birthday Party

OK. I had the present.

The pin cushion on the right for the very talented Mama K.

But I felt quite crafty this Sunday morning, too. To make something new out of something comparably old (how old can you call fabric from the 80s?). A hippie bag (more 60s probably). First seen on soulemama's blog here.

It is the Big Easy Sling bag from Sew What You Love.
Now I could go, children in tow/sling. So big that the following things fit inside: birthday present, keys, camera, purse, cellphone, umbrella, 3 cloth diapers, 2 cloth diaper covers, 3 training paints, 2 baby shirts, 1 pair of baby pants, 1 pair of BabyLegs, baby socks. And there was still more room in it - it must be a Mary Poppins bag!

What did I use in 3 hours? One diaper.

And then I asked the birthday girl to take a picture of hippie me against the backdrop of her beautiful sitting room.

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Anonymous said...

Huhu, ich muss wirklich öfter hier vorbeischauen, wo du mir so schmeichelhafte Komplimente machst! Ich muss bald mal wieder in deinem beautiful Häuschen vorbeischauen, und all deine neuen Schöpfungen bestaunen! Lg Mama K