Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yoga Fan

A Kundalini Yoga student of mine is moving with her family to Norway for the coming three years. For nearly the last three years she has come to first my prenatal classes, then Mama & baby yoga classes and has been one my most dedicated regular students. As I don't know what the Kundalini yoga scene in Stavanger looks like, I wanted to make her a little yoga gift. With some sewing involved.

I discovered the Kundalini Yoga Fan at the Yoga Festival in June. It is a great tool for putting together your own yoga practice, with dozens of wonderful yoga sets and meditations like Creative Energy Kriya, Meditation for Strong Nerves, Your Infinite Energy or Balancing the Depository System (which I taught in class last night). And it includes a mini-CD with mantra music. All arranged in a ready-to-take-anywhere-with-you-fan. I am a fan of the fan already - I got my own one too.

The fan is wrapped in a tea towel - that is, in a Fold and Tie Case, an idea by Maya Donenfeld (from maya*made) from her new book Reinvention, which I first saw on Betz White's blog (here) in May and wanted to try ever since. So easy (no cutting), yet so clever and practical.

Alt Godt, Sharon!

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Unknown said...

thank you, i love what you've done with the fan.. and that you so enjoy my humble offering. it is so rich in material that it can sustain us through a lot, and it needs a little covering, a little protection! fond blessings, fond love, pritam khalsa