Friday, July 6, 2012

Design by Clara

With all this felt left over from the Couch Doll lying around in my studio, Clara's crafty side was activated. She wanted a headband for Esmi (her Waldorf doll, I wrote about it here) and she was very clear about how it had to look like.

She drew some pictures to show me "her design". It had to be half headband, half bonnet, with different coloured parts sewn together. When I still wasn't quite sure what she wanted, she said: "Just follow the instructions. It's all clear."

All clear, Clara. We cut out a pattern from baking paper, basically just a triangle with a rounded top corner. Clara chose the colour of the felt and we agreed to make it from just one colour. The rest can hardly be called sewing, we simply attached some elastic to the sides. And stitched some hearts on it.

I think, my little designer was happy how it turned out.

PS: Just wanted to show you this - Clara likes to sort my pins by colour.

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