Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cover Girl

Carina came to me with an ugly grey cover to protect her beauty and functionality from dangerous dust.

Even when it looks quite minimalistic in the picture, the cover is not really beautiful in real life. I wanted a pretty catcouch-y cover.

I took the measurements of Miss Carina Comfort and drew a simple sketch for the design, basically just a long rectangle forming the front, back and top, and two small rectangles for the side, plus seam allowances.

I don't know where I made a mistake (I mean at which point of my thinking, because I know where I was while I figured the measurements out - on the floor playing with baby Carolina), but when I pinned the pieces together to start sewing - a couple of centimeters were missing. I had already ironed on the facing to the fabric and it was close to midnight, so I just added some matryoschka-fabric in-between.

Then sewing was a breeze and I was glad that I had just recently practiced lining up edges with the door stops.

Quite happy with the outcome - interesting case of vision distortion in the picture above, considering the fact that all the angles of the cover are 90°.

When I looked at Carina's new cover I had the feeling that something was still missing...

... the icing on the cake!

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