Saturday, July 7, 2012


Curious as I am, I couldn't stop wondering whether the Lotta doorstop could be filled fully with 6 pounds of beans instead of rice. Whether it was really a problem of volume rather than a mistake in the pattern.

Also another door in the house could really need a stop - I used an outdoor chair cushion as a make-shift doorstop when Carolina was sleeping.

Some midnight sewing later and a trip to the Turkish grocery store for beans the next morning, we had this situation:

6 pounds of beans inside, but also only half-full. Either Ms Jansdotter knows a recipe for Super Rice with Jumbo Beans or the pattern states a wrong weight. It would take 10 pounds of rice or beans to fully feed the doorstop, I guess.

Foresighted as I was in this case, I had also bought some new stuffing.

Beans out again, and the upper half was filled with stuffing and then with beans at the bottom. That worked out once more.

Rice and Beans. Two fraternal twins, before they were separated and send off to their places of destination.

The fabric for "Beanie" is an IKEA tea towel - sturdy with a fine flower print and the good thing is, one towel exactly makes one doorstop.

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