Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lotta Rice, Lotta! Door. Stop.

You can argue, that you don't REALLY need a couch doll or yet another bag. Also, the Oldenburg phone book does its job in keeping that living room door open and protected from being slammed shut.

Yes, it does the job... BUT how does this look like? I got itchy fingers saying: doorstop, sew, doorstop. I even had a book with a doorstop pattern I liked already in my library - Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing. With just very little sewing time at hand, it was around midnight when everything was done and sleeping (girls, yoga, house, hubby) and I could cut the fabric and get started. I stopped halfway sewing the top to the sides, because it took some concentration to get the edges lined up and there also seemed to be some mistake with the seem allowance in my German edition of the book, which made it even more fiddly. Plus a baby waking up at 5.30 am.

And I needed rice. A lot of rice. To fill the doorstop. It said 5 pounds of rice or beans in the book. I got 6 pounds the other day. Figured out the edges. Filled the sack. And, guess what? The doorstop was nowhere near fullness (no picture to show that, too frustrated). OK, the pattern was right, the book clearly stated 5 pounds... I went online, and found out that I am not the only one who tried to feed this hungry doorstop with rice that could feed a family of five for a week. It was late, I had no more rice, but I didn't want a doorstep weighing 10 pounds anyway, it would stop the door for sure, but who could lift it day in and out? Maybe it would be easier to fill it with beans, with more volume weighing less (and costing more...).

So it was nearing midnight again, the girls were finally asleep and I opened the doorstop again, poured all its 6 pounds of rice out and remembered the leftover stuffing stuff from the couch doll. That stuffing went in first and took up nearly half of the space. And then in went the rice again.

It worked out.

Baby Carolina tested the stuffing this morning. 5.30 am.

This fabric seems to be prone to stones and other heavy weights, I made my Mama's Bag of Stones also from it last summer (blogged here).

If hard times ever strike, I know where I can find an emergency ration of rice. 12/21/2012 can come.

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