Monday, July 9, 2012

Carina and Victoria


... my new sewing machine!

My recent burst of sewing energy came due to three facts:
(1) the decoration on the house is nearly done
(2) the baby (and me) had quite a hard time having her upper teeth
(3) I needed some sewing comfort - Carina Comfort!

New home, new sewing machine, I was fed up with my basic mechanical Singer Serenade (although we have had some good times, too) after getting used to such helpful features at my sewing class like speed regulation, needle up/down, triple stitch and a visible bobbin,

plus those decorative stitches like hearts and stars.

It's been nearly a month now, I have had the pleasure of getting to know my new sewing machine, sewing is really more fun with it and there are even some projects I haven't showed you yet.

Though computerized and all, Carina sits on top of an antique sewing table.

It was flea market weekend in Oldenburg, but I didn't have to go far, because I found Miss Victoria right at the first stall.

Together with the faux fer forgé chair cover, this makes quite an inviting sewing ensemble.

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