Thursday, December 22, 2011

EC/PC Pants

... like Elimination /"Pee" Communication. I have written about it before (if you knew me in person, I would talk about it A LOT, because I am really amazed how good it works, even with a newborn). BUT (there is a but) - all this dressing and undressing and dressing and undressing... there must be an easier way. The Chinese found it - split pants!

I found a free pattern on Ravelry and gave it a try. Ravelry notes here.

It comes in different sizes, this is for a 0-3 months old baby.
We'll see how it will work.

I wanted non-scratchy yarn, something durable and machine-washable as well, but a trip to the yarn store was a bit out of reach last week. So the only yarn in my stash in the right weight was shocking neon pink... I am not quite sure anymore where I got it from, either Clara wanted it or it comes from London. I had worked with this brave colour before for bootees that never got finished, and while I was riding high on the pink wave and made an I-cord for the pants, I thought, well, let's get over it and make two ties for the bootees.

I am a brave mama or colourblind, but my baby doesn't mind.

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