Thursday, January 13, 2011

Knitting in London

Knitting and traveling go together very well. Like last spring in London.

The chance to meet friends, see the sights, eat at great places, just stroll around and visit local yarn shops is such an inspiring and relaxing combination. And I love the knitting involved, on trains and planes, in coffee shops, parks, friends' places. A bit of comfort and home to take with you, and those things you knit on holidays have that special air of memory in and around them.

In preparation I pondered, whether taking three projects on a five-day-trip would question my sanity or my capability as a knitter and traveler - but my co-knitters from Oldenburg Knit Night assured me I was fine. I was a rather new knitter at that time. In my knitting bags went:

a summer dress

a summer scarf

and the mama surprise jacket

Things you should do when visiting a big city:

(1) Pretend that you are fashionable

(2) Knit in a park

Green Park

(3) Go to a yoga class

I highly recommend Alchemy in Camden

(4) Talk to locals

(5) Go to yarn shops

All the fun of the fair - off Carnaby street, right next to a yoga studio, where I bought yarn and some circular needles in size 3,25 mm (before that I didn't even knew those existed).

Overwhelming - the yarn and fabric section at Liberty... where I got some Australian souvenir wool.

with our great London friend Lee

Speaking of Australian exports. That takes us to

(6) Meet a celebrity
We went to see the musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert starring my teen idol Jason Donovan.

My teenage dream came true after the performance - meeting him in person. It has taken me only twenty years (I have developed other goals in between). But I owe him a lot, even though he does not know it, he was my main incentive to learn English. That paid off!

Next time I am in London I will go here and here.


Michelle said...

Oh, so nice! I can see my planned time in London exceeding the actual time I'll be there.

I'm really hoping to meet my fave actors after seeing "Much Ado About Nothing." How did you meet Mr. Donovan? Waiting at a stage door or something? I'd love any advice.

And... pretend you're fashionable? I'd say you succeeded brilliantly!

Leonora said...

So glad you enjoyed your visit to London!