Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fashion News from the Baby Room

First rule of blocking: It is desirable that blocked finished knitted object and baby sling (French style) have matching colours.

Second rule of fashion:
We love stripes.

Third rule of blogging:
Find random connections in everything and post it.


Baby Sling said...

Baby carrier is only for those mother who are busy in out side work and they have no time to properly care the baby.

Or the mother for whom those have no any habit of holding baby. It is not that this baby carrier is only for this special mother group. But when regularly you want to move some where with your baby then it is good for the mother that they should use this baby carrier...Very helpful to mother...

catcouch said...

dear baby sling,
thank you for commenting. be assured: this baby of mine is very properly cared for and spends a lot of time in my arms. just for our outside trips I very much prefer the sling to a pram.