Friday, December 23, 2011

Pink Princess Party Muffins

For her girly birthday party Clara had one confectionary wish - Princess Lillifee muffins...

Every time we passed the cake mix in the store for the last year, she reminded me of that. She didn't want mama's yummy vegan muffins... (Princess Lillifee... that reminds me of my one and only German post of this blog from last December, about this fairy who actually knits birthday presents).

What can you do? Buy the ready to bake mix and get started.

The pink icing didn't taste too bad actually.

A more correct view of the baking process would be this.

All this pink, but who can be blamed, I thought. And then my recently started knitting project caught my eye.

I shouldn't wonder.

PS: Just to end this post correctly, I would like to add Clara's judgment: Mama, the muffins looked good but didn't taste too well.

Yes, my friends, just because it is pink, it doesn't have to be yummy (apart from wool, that is).

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