Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sewing Continued

After the warm-up on the weekend I took some time out for sewing, especially late at night after all my mundane work was done. The fabric I had used for Clara's doll skirt reminded me of some little cute baby kimono I had seen in the book Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross - "Lucy's kimono".

Just too cute. Great book with great projects, but with some mistakes in it, which can be confusing for a beginner. I am not the first to mention it, just check the errata of the book online. Nevertheless, after I had figured out that one pair of the straps has to stay inside and not both of them outside for binding like suggested, everything was all right. Other bloggers mentioned the same mistake on their blogs. As I had already attached one strap to the outside, the kimono is bound to the other side then in the book, but as internet research showed, the correct way of binding a kimono for a woman is with the left side over the right.
Lucky me.

And as there is no little baby girl around at the moment to wear something airy like this, Clara was delighted when her doll Lilly got a new garment this morning.

Remember the Inspiration Corner: Russia?
Finally I made a little project from that.

It is a fabric cover that can be used for books or booklets, in this case it is for a German document called "Mutterpass" - "a mother's pass", an expectant mother's record of prenatal and natal care. With the matryoshkas as symbols for motherhood and fertility just a perfect fit.
I had seen covers like this on dawanda. I am always amazed how it is possible for a sewing beginner like me to see something I would like to sew, with no real idea how to do it, and then find a tutorial on the internet, get started and have a satisfying result in the end. Magic!

I used this video tutorial here. I would only suggest that you add a little bit more seam allowance if you want to topstitch around the cover in the end.

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