Monday, May 9, 2011

Some Summer Sewing

As apposed to last Sunday, this Sunday morning I woke up with the idea that Clara's doll Esmi can't wear her winter cardigan anymore, but needs a summer top. I whipped up this little thing and Clara's main wish was a front pocket (hardly visible in the picture...)

Vintage fabric from the eighties again. Pattern: none, just a sketch on newspaper and some try and error. One thing I learned for future doll clothes projects - you need velcro! For easy dressing and undressing, no tearing over the head, stuffing in the arms, just close it in the back.

I like it when you can use the stuff you sew, so from the same fabric:
a sunglasses case with drawstring.

There are some more summer ideas in my head and also a bigger summer project completed, but as the recipient's birthday is in August and she reads my blog, this has to wait... (and actually, I am also completing a knitting present for Christmas at the moment, very strange)

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