Friday, May 20, 2011

Beautiful / Practical

That is what my stitch markers used to look like:

Practical. They served their purpose within their aesthetic usefulness.

A couple of weeks ago a new Bead Shop opened in Oldenburg and nearly every day I was cycling by, but the opening hours of the shop didn't coincide with my schedule. I have not really worked with beads before (not speaking of the children's kind of play with wood and plastic beads).
I had stitch markers in mind I had seen with fellow knitters and on the Internet. I found this helpful German tutorial here.

Yesterday I also found a time gap and got started.

The owner of the shop was even so nice as to lend me the tools for a day.

Ready in a couple of minutes at the end of a busy yoga day.

And sooo beautiful.
I went to bed with a happy feeling and new glittery ideas.

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