Sunday, January 16, 2011

Skirts, Skirts!

At the end of last Sunday's post I cuddled up with some knitting.

This Sunday you can see the result.

My second Lanesplitter skirt.

I first came across the Lanesplitters on Betz White's blog. Beautiful, I thought, mental note. I actually started knitting the Lanesplitters a while ago in November, the first one was finished within a week.

Right away I cast on number 2. That one took a while longer...

Number one is riding high on my purple wave, number two has an autumnal feel.

Both are knitted with Noro Kureyon wool (Ravelry notes here).

Betz White also came up with the fantastic idea to sew a waistband instead of picking up the stitches and knitting one.

The pattern was published in the Knitty First Fall issue 2010 - and there are already 525 projects on Ravelry up to this day. tichiro mentioned knitted skirts and especially the Lanesplitter as the latest trend in her knitting review of 2010.

And one very interesting thing happened shortly after I had liberated my needles. I had to cast on something new straight away.

As if the knitting universe can't stand the vacuum.


Anonymous said...

Total schön !
Du arbeitest immer so schnell. Ich kann das nur bewundern.
Mir gefällt es hier auf deinen neuen Seiten und ich komme gern auf einen Besuch vorbei.

Liebe Grüße aus Hude von

Annkari said...

Sehr schick!

Ich drück die Daumen für schönes Wetter, dass Du die Röcke auch bald anziehen kannst.