Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello Health!

The other day I stumbled upon an article in a health food magazine about salutogenesis. It is a health model about well being, stress and coping. Rather than seeing what is missing in your life, you focus on what you already have, what is there, what is good.

That is also my experience. Where your attention and energy goes, it grows. Two years ago an ayurvedic doctor at Amma's ashram in Kerala / Southern India told me one recipe for health and happiness:
"Find something you love and then do it everyday."

In other words, who needs therapy if you have knitting (see here).

Throw in some Kundalini Yoga and you are set.

PS: That is what works for me. Everybody has his/her own way of coping. But I believe in the universal truth of listening to your heart and soul and living the life you love.

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