Wednesday, January 19, 2011

(Skirts, Skirts!) x 2

Skirts come in pairs these days. After finishing two knitted skirts from the same pattern, today I proudly present two sewn skirts. From one pattern. Again.

Same story - liked the first one so much, saw other gorgeous yarn/fabric, started second one straight away. The pattern is Burda 7679,
a classic A-Line miniskirt.

Number 1 got finished just in time for Christmas and I wore it
extensively over the holidays (you can catch a glimpse of it at the end of my first post). Looks almost knitted.

Number 2 is checkered and a bit shorter.

I added a lining.

Or to be honest with you, I added a lining with a lot of help from my sewing teacher. And a zipper.

Or to be completely honest, those skirts would not have been possible in their wearable form without the massive help of my sewing teacher. More about that tomorrow...

1 comment:

Annkari said...

That's what teachers are for, to help you reach your goals.

Those skirts are pretty!