Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Knitting in India

My fascination with wool started on the last warm and sunny day of September in 2009, when I felt the autumn coming and an endless desire to crochet a blanket. A blanket in my daughter's favourite colours, to keep her warm during my month long absence in November (part of the blanket can be seen in yesterday's post).

When I embarked on my trip to India for my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh at the Parmath Niketan Ashram, I took with me a bag full of cotton yarn (knowing how warm it can be in India, who wants to knit with wool then?) in all the colours of the rainbow, or more yogalike in all the colours of the chakras. I had metal hooks for my regular crochet and bamboo hooks for the flight (time on a plane was never more enjoyable). This was to become my meditation blanket.

at the airport in Hamburg

stopover in Istanbul

during classes

I wanted to capture all the wonderful energy of yoga, meditation and India in this blanket.

And while crocheting my way through the yoga teacher training I found Indian co-crafters.

An old man with his stall sitting at the banks of the Holy River Ganga where he has been knitting and selling his works for years and years (I especially love those water bottle holders hanging in front).

The lovely lady in the little shop of the ashram, where we got our daily supplies of water, cashew nuts and tissues. Yes, the winter was coming to Northern India, too!

in shops around town

Once, while sitting in the beautiful gardens of the ashram, an Indian lady with her daughter approached me, very interested in my crochet (always a good icebreaker in India) and my pink yarn. And very happy when I gave it to her.

Then all those brave Indian men, always proud to wear pink and purple.

and the occasional blue

What I love most - knitting for the little ones. Mamas and grandmas keeping them warm & cozy.

Thank you, India!


Meera said...

lovely entry. thanks for reading my blog. Sure will be in germany surely and will meet up. I am now in warm warm manipal, near the coast. You know I use knitting like a rosary, a mantra for every K and P. It's a lovely way to practise Japa.

nityakalyani said...

Hi cat - it was through meeras blog I touched upon your blog . I am also a knitter from Chennai-India. Please do visit my blog nityakalyani-kalmat.blogspot.com. I would like to add my self as your follower, not able to see the connect button. Seasons greetings