Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tonight at Knit Night: The Stars and the Moon

Cross-crafting at Oldenburg Knit Night.

A childhood dream came true for me tonight.

I learned how to fold a Froebel Star.

Big thanks to a patient Hillit for showing me how. It felt a bit like learning to knit (but I can't remember that). Even though Christmas is over, stars are a timeless decoration, right?
Because there are stars in the sky all year round.

More stars:
What I also learned tonight - there is something like astro wool, sockwool from Regia for the 12 signs of the zodiac. Does that make sense?
Our professional astrologer from Knit Night said: No.

Hillit is a real expert with Froebel Stars and can whip them up in tiny sizes.

A whole sky of stars with a 1-euro-full-moon in the middle. Like tonight. At 22:21 Central European Time.

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