Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fresh & Organic

We have another man with yummy presents coming to our house from now on (I hope the "amazon man" mentioned here will not be jealous...) - the "ecocion man" on Saturdays, bringing the "Gemüsekiste" - a box of vegetables and fruit. Organic, seasonal and, if possible, local. Enough for a whole week and complete with recipes.

Big thanks to Layla from Oldenburg Knit Night for talking about it.

So what are we having?

Potatoes, carrots, onions, Chinese cabbage, cucumber, bell pepper, apples, tangerines and even shiitake mushrooms!

PS: Another box of fruit (one big apple) arrived for my husband this week. Now I am jealous.

1 comment:

Layla said...

Oh cool! Das erklärt die Tafel Schokolade in unserer Kiste! Ich hoffe, Dir gefällsts!