Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Flower Tunic

After having decluttered 58 pieces from my wardrobe last week (starting here), it was really well deserved to add a new item of clothing to the emptied shelves. Handmade, of course.

Sewn in little steps during the last days of 2013 and the first days of 2014 and finished last Saturday. It is another pattern from the Mamu-Design collection, called Ulla. As my in-house photographer is mostly out of the house during this week at the time of good daylight, I gave my camera to Clara:

This tunic offers a lot of variations, different neck openings (I still need nursing-friendly), sleeves and the balloon-version I made.

It could have been a fast sew like my other Mamu tunic (here), had I not wanted puffy sleeves and the balloon thing. So it came down to a lot of gathering.

But definitely worth it. Were the two different fabrics intended? No, but I made mistakes (hot needle, you know) sewing the top and the fabric store was then out of the little-flower-fabric. But now I like the combination with the big flowers. Clara said, it looked a bit strange - still good photos, girl!


valgro said...

Love the bold flower print!

catcouch said...

Thank you! You see, flower and nature inspired crafts are coming.