Thursday, January 9, 2014


Riding my bike to my prenatal yoga classes on Monday nights, it was a couple of times that I passed a new store, that looked very inviting selling colourful clothes by a local designer. But always closed at this late hour when I set out to work.

The shop has been there since the middle of October, high time for Carolina and me to see it in daylight.

The shop is located on two floors and looks very appetizing and positively stylish inside.

The paintings come from a Bremen artist who photographs graffiti.

The friendly shop owner is Beate Dehmer, who started her own fashion label in 2001 with a kids' collection when her own kids were young.

 Originally a goldsmith by training, she is a self-taught dressmaker.

Her ladies' collection consists of skirts, dresses, jackets, coats, tunics, tops, scarves and fingerless cloves.

Beate Dehmer also takes special sewing orders 
and has her regular customers.

You can also buy fabric.

Interesting fabric, I thought it was crochet.

A whole lot of work for one single lady! She also sells her clothing (here) and fabric (here) online. Beate Dehmer told me that she is looking for someone to work with her, be it an eager intern or even better an experienced seamstress. You can find her store in Oldenburg, on Nadorster Strasse 22.

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