Monday, January 6, 2014

Hubby cooks vegan

I got a totally unexpected Christmas gift from Hubby - a voucher for a vegan meal once a week for the whole year of 2014, cooked by him. Fittingly he not only got a sweater from me, but also wished for this cookbook here. I expected him to choose the receipts and me to do the cooking, what a surprise. All of his own accord he read Eating Animals, Peace Food and Anständig essen last year (I have never read these books). The man of spaghetti-and-pesto (and recently a very good vegan pizza) started the new year with a self-proclaimed 30 day vegan challenge. And I can benefit from it culinarily. Like last weekend - just imagine, the kitchen taken by Hubby, me in the living room resting and just occasional questions coming from the kitchen, where the vegetable broth or cumin are. Ta-dah!

Red lentil-coconut-curry
(German recipe here)

It looked really good and it also tasted very good. Subtle and sublime. Clara ate it, Carolina ate the rice and the rest of the four servings were finished off by Hubby and me. Just one thing I would change in the recipe -  I would take reduced-fat coconut milk, as I have noticed a certain intolerance lately to the full-fat version. But maybe it's just me.

As you can see, a new series on this blog is born. Stay tuned for more of Hubby's vegan culinary creations.

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