Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Plain Apple Skirt, and a bit of Obsession

Decluttering all those apples on Saturday and Sunday 
made me wanna sew something yummy. 
I had this jersey apple fabric (by Hamburger Liebe) and in-between cooking appleauce, 
baking apple-cinnamon-muffins, 
Hubby sleeping (and then jogging and getting lost, but that's another story) 
and the girls playing, I got stitching.

Another pattern by Mamu Design, this time Caprice. The pattern gives you ten different versions, with all kinds of ruffles and layers, but I just wanted the simplest no-frills skirt.

Just two sideseams, a hem, a little bit of gathering and a waistband.

Easy, yes.
(had I not messed with the ribbing and then used another one I didn't like from the beginning and even less on the finished skirt and all the fabric stored closed on Sunday and opening the top seam for half an hour and be frustrated and thinking how I can get the pink ribbing on Monday, with yoga-classes and a tired child on my bike - I found a way, get up early, be the first when a fabric store opens, obsessed?)

And who couldn't wait to play with the skirt?

Stay light at heart and cheerful.
It's just sewing, Mama.

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