Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year, New Crafts

As her Christmas present, Clare gave Hubby and me a beautiful-whimsical calendar drawn by her (and encouraged by her grandma). Every month as we will turn the calendar this year, I will you show you her monthly drawings. We haven't had any snow this winter yet, but who knows what January will bring.

 (you never know, we had a rainbow last January)

The holidays are slowly coming to their end, but creative adventures are gathering pace. Clara had worked with clay at a friend's house wanted to try clay at home now. We ventured out to an art supplies store, got the clay and started the beautiful mess.

Clara and me made bowls and Carolina had more fun than I had expected playing with clay and water (splash, splash). The last time I had worked with clay was when I was pregnant with Clara.

I so love to see how much they enjoy crafting and I already feel a little sad about next week, when it is time to hurry up in the mornings for school, with no time to draw a colourful flower and a rainbow first thing in the morning.

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