Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ready Mades

Instead of lamenting over what still needs to be done in this new home of ours, I choose to focus on what is already accomplished. Because, you know, where your energy goes, it grows.

With a working hubby, the girls and some yoga teaching of mine, whenever there is an open window of time (and some energy left) - we jump into it. Stay positive and enjoy the unfolding process.


VIP - Very Important Place - the couch with knitting basket, Rishikesh Blanket and some handmade pillows, like Clara's Cushion.

Rishikesh Blanket can also be put on the floor for girls' playtime.

Always remember:

Part of the altar on the mantelpiece:

Yoga journals sorted by colour:

Make-shift hair-do rack in the bedroom:

A corner of the bedroom:

with and without re-wedding dress and Clara presenting me her doll

Also very important: lamps!

in the bedroom and the studio

My studio from outside:

Tibetan prayer flags from Rishikesh/India

The patio - summer dinners and parties are just coming!

Oh, where is the baby?

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Anonymous said...

Oh, schon viel geschafft!!!
Oma Lana