Saturday, May 12, 2012

New House, New Hat

Look at that, a new hat! A slouch beanie.

Started someday in February with my last wool purchase before baby Carolina was born (and I have been on a wool diet ever since, I realized, no more skeins fell from trees...), soft Bremont Carmen wool, 80% baby alpaca, 20 % mulberry silk. I didn't consider myself a slouchy beanie person, but when I saw it on Mama A. from our Mama & Baby Knitting Club, I wanted one. And it looked like easy mama-with-a-little-baby-knitting.

(Would you guess I had a baby in my arms while these pictures were taken?)

The knitting of the slouchy part felt like a long, long time and when I ran out of red yarn, I changed to purple. The pattern is Baltique by Drops Design - nothing maritime to it to my taste - and I grew up at the Baltic Sea. The Drops website says: "...feminin and beautiful!"

My Ravelry notes here.

What can be more beautiful then another pink flower right now?

And who needs a new hat in May? Its time will come, I know, like the pink flower beret I knitted in May two years ago. I wore it a whole lot these last two cooler seasons.

Ooooh, that wallpaper in our old apartment... can't wait to show you the new wallpaper!

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