Sunday, May 20, 2012

What We Wore to my Niece's Baptism

I used to have a tidy closet. Then we moved. Three weeks ago. I only have my stand-by wardrobe packed out yet and knew I needed something more appropriate for this church event. This morning we had very little time to get the girls and ourselves ready. Clara had her own very clear ideas about what to wear and was the first fully dressed, all by herself.

I got my clothes sacks out of the cellar, I knew there would be something in it for me, deep down, somewhere.

Quick, quick.

We were the last to arrive, but still in time.

A spiritually loaded skirt from South India, which I bought at Amma's Ashram when we had Darshan (see February 11).

Shoes I wore at my sister's wedding four years ago.

Engelchen means "little angel" in German.

Pokerface Carolina wore Clara's once-in-a-lifetime-special-occasion-baby-outfit (I wrote about it here).

Oh, my God.

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Siri Shakti said...

Sehr modebewusst, die junge Dame (Clara) :) ...