Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Triple Potty Power

This gaudy potty party accompanies Carolina's and my playing, elimination communication and diaper-changing sessions, next to the changing pad on the floor.

The small blue one - the original from china, also the home country of the (in)famous split pants, was used a lot in the first weeks. The bigger yellow potty, which is actually just a mixing bowl (from Poland), gets more use these days. And pinkie is for holding the used cloth-diapers and is recently often quite lonely, while the morning diaper is still in use (and dry, of course) when Carolina's papa comes home in the evening.

And that doesn't mean that we stare at the potties all day long - no, we nurse, we sleep, we cook, we eat (a lot), we clean (a bit), we do laundry (only every second day now), we read, we blog and we do computer work, we knit, we watch mama's favourite TV show (prerecorded and with the baby sleeping), we are on the phone, we have friends over and we also leave the house... we go for walks, shopping, get Clara to kindergarten and back and to most of her afternoon activities, see friends and started doing mama & baby yoga this week.

And amidst all the things we do - we try and rest, enjoy and marvel.
Yes, it is WE, US - Carolina always with me, cuddled into the baby sling.
I think that is part of the secret, always connected, always in touch.

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