Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mama & Baby Knitting

The mama & baby breakfast and knitting club is back!

After a cozy start at our home two weeks ago, Carolina and me ventured out into the rain today, on a bus through town, to a friend's house.

Crafty mamas, as usual. And a crafty mother-in-law who knitted these socks for Mama B. for Christmas.

One pattern, two knitters.

Two interpretations. Waldorf-educated Mama A. added some extras.

Mama B. has started her first sewing course this week, the more sewing experienced Mama K. could show some very encouraging results.

Quick change trousers
(pattern by Anna Maria Horner in "Handmade Beginnings")

And a gift for Carolina - a lovely hat for spring.

WE enjoyed it all from our usual perspective.

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