Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Granny Knitting

Two months ago, on my due date, my water broke first thing in the morning. It was Sunday, the day of the Advent bazaar and nothing could stop me going there, not even having a baby (I wrote about it here).

Ever since that day I had in mind to visit the ladies who make those Barbie doll clothes (and socks, bags, afghans, decoration) for some lifetime advice on knitting.

What I found out:

For them it is always Christmas, as they craft once a week, all year long, for the Advent bazaar.

Therefore, Froebel stars in January.

It is a charity thing, all earnings are invested within the parish or reinvested in wool and other material.

I was told making a cake from scratch tastes better than buying one.
No picture to prove that.

But a crochet curtain made by the lady who also informed me about cake.

I was even given some vintage fabric.

My usual perspective:

By the way, the lady who makes the Barbie clothes was away on a four-week-vacation. Never mind, a reason to come back.

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hallo cathrin, wer sind die frauen, sind die im gemeindehaus von claras kindergarten aktiv. sieht toll aus, die scheinen viel spass zu haben. bin gespannt, inwieweit du dort aktiv bist. vielleicht können wir was zusammen mit den damen machen:)))
lg doris