Monday, January 2, 2012

Step Back (in Knitting Time)

As I let the New Year 2012 unfold slowly and gently, I am browsing old German knitting magazines, mostly Verena and Filati, from 1991-2002, and very heavy on the years 1991 and 1996.
For inspiration and amusement.

They were a gift from my sewing teacher.

The 90s - a decade when Verena was published monthly (now quarterly), and also had sewing and crafting sections. It is fun to see how fashion, style and make-up change, while the basic stitches of knit and purl always stay the same.

Same, same, but different - that could also be the motto for the New Year. No resolutions this time - instead started the year off with a wholesome breakfast of chocolate cake and sparkling wine (vegan and and non-alcoholic, but nevertheless).

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