Friday, January 27, 2012


Usually blogging is a source of constant pleasure for me, but this week it was pure trouble. Not because of anything terrible in my life, but because of a virus or trojan that keeps shutting down my whole computer.

It looks like this, in German:

None of the above is true... and yarn porn doesn’t qualify.

They just want your money. Who are they? Even though I could thank them for limiting my Internet time and do some meditation instead, I would like to decide for myself when to turn off the computer. And computer viruses just don’t promote inner peace.

The computer got infected for the first time at the end of December, but with the help of some Internet research (this trojan was going around) and a free anti-malware software I was able to successfully remove the virus.

But then it came back this week. And it keeps coming back, no matter how often I start the anti-malware programs and remove it.

Any computer experts out there?


stpauline said...

Ist ein Antiviren-Programm installiert gewesen?

Wie es aussieht, ist das endgültige Lösen des Problems das Neuinstallieren des Rechners.
und auch andere Forenbeiträge mit der gleichen Meldung deuten darauf hin.

Hier werden die Gründe gut beschrieben:

D.h., man kann den Trojaner kurzzeitig entfernen, aber da er tief im System verwurzelt ist, kommt er immer wieder.

catcouch said...

vielen dank, stpauline, für deine recherche. da werde ich mich mal in einer ruhigen minute an die arbeit machen...