Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fresh from the Sewing Machine

Baby knows, not to come before mama has finished her projects and is mentally prepared. Busy sewing this morning to get the matching dresses ready for my girls.

I think, Clara just can't have too many of them, whether knitted or sewn. They keep the core and the back covered and warm during the colder months, they are comfortable and they look good. The patterns were improvised with the help of my sewing teacher, using and customizing some older patterns. Simple, plain and cute, just how I like it. Made from a loden-viscose material.

First I wanted crochet flowers as embellishments and dreamed of butterflies last week. Decided to skip the flowers but stay with the butterfly theme when I found this ribbon in my drawers.

And I just couldn't wait to throw it over my big girl, just in time for her dancing class!

Works well for running around and having fun.

And also for the quieter times at home.

Drawing and crafting.

Or being read to by Papa (in a matching-colour sweater) on the couch.

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