Friday, November 18, 2011


The storm I I felt coming on Wednesday came, but in another way than expected. It had something to do with my belly, too, but more in the gastro-enteritis way. Funnily, I had talked this week with my midwife about her time in India, when she had worked in a little village near Calcutta in the Nineties. She was sick a lot there. I had great times in India and the only time I caught a stomach bug there, people over here in Germany had also been sick. You don't have to go to India for this kind of trouble, I told my midwife.

Self-fulfilling prophecy? Who needs that a couple of days before birth? But what I really could need was a day-and-night-sleeping-marathon, my body totally forcing me to rest. Even knitting was completely out of the question. But who knows, when will I ever get so much couch time in the near future? Probably not too often.

And here are the pictures my little attentive nurse Clara drew for me to get better (in between bringing me glasses of fresh water and making me eat dextrose-vitamin-candies which she considers perfect medicine):

I could go to the hospital, says my nurse...

... or put this heart-card on my heart.

I loved getting this postcard from her:

... on the beach in a hammock, that should help!

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