Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Los Angeles

The last city of our summer trip was Los Angeles and the last yarn store visited was Wildfiber in Santa Monica (their website here).

Lots of space. Lots of choice (don't forget, it's L.A., baby!).

They say on their website: "There are many good reasons why so many people are knitting nowadays. For us, knitting is a gift that lasts a lifetime. It's a hobby that quickly becomes therapy, meditation and a healthy addiction."

Two customers were happily knitting along. Funnily enough, they were talking about their trips to Europe and how it was nearly too hot there for knitting. As I found out chatting to them, one of the ladies is the mother to the Klitschko brother's chef, who is often in Hamburg cooking for them. That is how close I came to a celebrity moment in L.A. ...

And it was the first and only one of the yarn stores of our trip where I encountered the yarn from home I was knitting with. Schoppel Lace Ball Blackberry.

Time shift: these days. I have come to a full circle with my tales of the American Southwest and its yarn stores and the Lace Citron is all finished. Ravelry notes here.

Or should I rather say: half circle?

The two other traveling shawls (their humble beginnings here) are already dreaming of new adventures...

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