Thursday, November 10, 2011

Clara's Cushion

As I was recently told by a neighbour, who had also just had her second daughter, that these days getting a sibling as a gift is not enough for the older one, but you should also prepare a birthday gift for the occasion. OK, I thought. The perfect idea came to me during a meditation in a Kundalini yoga class taught by my maternity leave replacement teacher. There was a thing for Clara from nearly a year ago that didn't get finished. Her embroidered cushion (blogged here).

I got Clara's drawings and the materials out again.

Embroidered the missing pieces (that really takes quite a long time, even compared to "slow" knitting).

Sewed the cushion covers together (a good thing to get started on the sewing machine again).

And voilà!

My little cat lover chose the fabric a while ago and it had just waited for the right place to meow!

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