Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sisters and Dresses

This is going to be a longer post about little girls, photography, mistakes, life itself and of course, knitting. The knitting mama I am, the idea to knit matching dresses for my girlies crossed by mind. This idea still seems kind of strange to me not knowing what "Number Two" will look like, without really knowing her apart from the little kicks from inside. Very fittingly, I found the patterns for Big sister's dress and Little sister's dress by Tora Froseth. Cute, top-down, a seamless knit in the round.

Still life: Sisters' dresses

As you might now, life with little girls is not that still and motionless...

The lighting is as good as it gets in these foggy November conditions
(though we had two days of sunshine before the dresses were finished).

What I found out: gauge matters!
First I knitted the version for a 3-months-old baby, but had other yarn (the wool came once again from my bargain stash) and went up from the indicated 3mm needles to 4mm needles.

What a surprise - the dress fits my tall, soon to be 5-year-old Clara!

For adjusting gauge and pattern you can follow the rule of three (a very in-depth German post on this topic you can find on tichiro's blog here). As this seemed to overstimulate my pregnancy brain (cheap excuse...), I just went along knitting with my feeling, played it by ear and used the measurements for the 3-months-version. My modifications you can check in my Ravelry notes.

The opening and the button turned out to be on the other side this time, I have no idea how this happened... but hey, it's not a mistake, it's a design feature ;-) And my girls will not be the same anyway.

Still no little sister to play with ...

So it's doll Lily's job again.

Clara, the loving big sister. Before you watch the following video called "The Truth", do some gentle yoga: bring your left ear to your left shoulder. And remember: Don't do this with a real baby...

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