Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Pink Path

As I emerged from the knitting wood I realized a thing or two. Standing at the crossroad I saw to colour signs. One said Purple and the other one said Pink. For the sleeves and buttonbands. The nice & elegant way would have been taking the purple way, I thought. But I still had this shocking pink skein that kept calling me, even though it would break up the nice flow of the cardigan. So, like I tried to express in the little adapted poem, I chose the road less traveled by, as I supposed - the pink road.

While knitting the pink, it talked to me and my mind traveled (that is not unusual) . I remembered the crochet blanket I made for Clara before going on my trip to India, in her favourite colours - rose, pink and purple (as usual).

And didn't I knit a baby surprise jacket from leftover yarn last year that resonated with the same colours?

From quite far away (in knitting terms) another image came up. Knitting a cardigan while I was pregnant with Clara. I didn't know a lot about gauge then and substituted the required yarn with a self patterning sock yarn. The cardi turned out huge for a baby and I forgot about it. When Clara was about three I found the cardi again in a box and it fit just right.
And the colours? You guess...

To be honest to myself, without noticing I took the road I always take,
the well trodden path - the pink path. Maybe not the most subtle and intriguing, but girls' fun. And when I looked at the colours of the clothes Clara picked out to wear yesterday, I knew I was on the right path.

When pink calls you, you've got to listen to it.

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