Monday, February 7, 2011

Chatter from the Sewing Box

Aus dem Nähkästchen plaudern - literally: to chat from the little sewing box is a German phrase, meaning to give away private details. That is what I am doing here all the time, sometimes out of the knitting basket, sometimes from the crafting table, sometimes from the doll couch.
I have just never had a sewing box. I really wanted one for Christmas,
but I did not like the ones I saw in the shops. I decided to wait, the right one would show up.

Like you know, it is always profitable to go to Knit Night. An expansion of knowledge (I learned here about the veggie box, how to fold paper stars and a whole lot about knitting, as a matter of course) and the nice company of equally obsessed knitting beings.

And two weeks ago I even got a sewing box. But not only a simple sewing box, but a unique and special one. Self made. About 50 years old. It was a gift from dear Christel (aka the wonderful Friesentorte). Her grandfather made it for her. It just needed a good scrub and few new screws and voilà!

my new sewing box

Actually the screw part was the tricky one, because they seemed to be out of date and discontinued. I cruised the craft supplies in the area and found some screws that would do (and got inspired on the way).

PS: From the knitting basket, as good as it sounds, I don't have one.
My knitting lovelies are scattered around the living room, on tables, under tables, on the couch, in plastic or paper bags.
If you have one to spare, just let me know...

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