Thursday, February 17, 2011

Last Night at Knit Night

... something that was a big knitting mystery to me was eventually solved. It is the Frosti Shawlette I cast on in a flash of New Year Startitis here. Actually it was the second time I cast it on. My first timer landed thrown in a very dark corner under my desk - something which has never happened to me before.

Then I met Einafets at Oldenburg Knit Night who has knitted already five of them. And the Frosti was the main reason she had learned to knit!
She was my woman! And even though we exchanged a bunch of e-mails and photos, my second lonely attempt found a place in that corner again.
I considered giving up knitting for good (for two seconds), because I only seemed to pretend that I could do it. But then, last night I was shown in person how to knit these leaves. The penny dropped. Very happy.

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