Sunday, February 6, 2011

Knitting in Bremen

We went on a Sunday trip to the next big city nearby, that is Bremen.
Just half an hour by train.

Good knitting time.
But then we ended up taking pictures of each other.

Time just flew by.

The main reason for us to go to Bremen - my husband had given me a voucher for a vegan Taiwanese restaurant for Christmas - Vegefarm.
They make all kinds of stuff out of soy and wheat.

Like the peanut chicken and the lamb in a goji-plum-sauce, that we had.

Very good. Even Clara liked it.
And had some more fun on the playground opposite the restaurant.

Clara asked me to the a picture of these bikes.

What else? Shopping?

Not possible. It was Sunday. All shops closed. Window shopping then.

Stars behind broken glass.

A Christmas shop.

In February.

This button in the pavement put me on the right track.

I found a fiber craft shop!

Also very recommendable - the handicraft section at Bremen main station.

Then it was time to go home.

Or as you would say as a dedicated stitch bitch:

PS: There is one thing you definitely have to see as a visitor,
the town's landmark.

The statue of the Bremen town musicians.

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Meera said...

Still reading your blogs. Fabric covered cardboard boxes even shoe boxes , make good wool store boxes.