Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Candle Flames

Inspired by my walk last week and all the other WIPs gently trotting along with no finishing line in sight, I wanted an instant gratification knit. I saw the candles, I felt the cold outside, I remembered one of the first pattern I ever queued on Ravelry - the Candle Flame Cowl.

It is knitted with sock yarn held double. I have this thing with sock yarn.
I hardly ever use it for socks. I knit shawls with it. The colours are often beautiful and you only have to buy one skein, which is very easy on the yarn budget. One cowl uses up half a skein of sock yarn. If you ask me: one sock or one neckwarmer? I will go for the latter. I love the pattern and how it came out. And it was really easy to memorize while knitting. Ravelry notes here.

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