Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Last of the Long Beanies

So far. So I think.

I made this beanie in my favourite colours. This time I had a choice. For the first beanies I just grabbed what was close to my colour preferences. Whatever was kind of pink and purple.

Like you see on the left, a beanie crocheted with myboshi yarn (I added two more light purple rows to the original version) and on the right the recent hat. Not the only difference - myboshi yarn is 70% plastic and 30% wool, the other yarn is Lana Grossa Superbingo - 100% wool. So much nicer to touch and to wear.

The new hat was also good training for crocheting the "right way". It took some concentration not to slip into my 30-year-old-wrong-way. See the difference?

Right way. Half double crochet stitches stand on 2 legs.

"Wrong" (???) way. One leg overlaps the other.

Shall I tell you the truth? I think, my old way looks better. In any case, I now know two ways to make slightly different looking crochet stitches. And on closer inspection of the myboshi book I found out that they crochet in both styles, too. See here:

I am in good company.

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