Friday, February 1, 2013

Papa's Socks

Christmas 2010 (yes, that's three Christmases ago...) Hubby got these hand-knitted vouchers for hand-knits from me. Umpteen pink projects later and the renewal of the vouchers that-not-so-long-ago-last Christmas, I was determined to turn the little socks and sweater into man-sized reality.

So starting off February with fresh-from-the needles New Year Sock Resolution Pair number 2:

Yes, these are long boats, socks, for Hubby is a tall man with long feet. Note, not with broad feet. This fact of his anatomy made my first attempt of knitting him socks three years ago a failure - I knitted a cuff-down sock with the number of stitches allocated for this shoe size. And after that blue-grey monster slipped off my needles - it was too wide. 

So this time, to save me from disappointment, I learned to knit a toe-up sock. On less stitches than the usual sock chart states (64 is a good number for him, because Mama's Mojos fit him). Toe-up socks mean that I learned an exciting Figure 8 cast on, turned the heel with short rows,

and learned Jssbo (Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind off) for an elastic k1p1 cuff edge.

Knitting these socks was quite interesting this way and it had to be, because the colour of Hubby's socks was really boring classic for me, colour-therapy-wise. But you know, with love in every stitch, that felt good.

I did some manly k2 p2 ribbing on the instep of the sock which I could carry around the leg after the heel.

 (my foot modelling)

Sock voucher redeemed. 
And it's still winter, so Hubby can wear them and be warmed around the bottom ends.

What, you ask about the sweater?

I went to the yarn shop and got wool. A lot of it. 16 balls.
And back at home I realized that sweater colour looked familiar.

On the left side sock yarn, on the right side sweater yarn.

And the knitting?

 Has started.

Hubby said, sweater completion by Christmas 2013 will be OK.
He is a patient man.

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